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Announcements concerning the electronics industry by governmental organizations.
Some announcements by incorporated administrative agencies are included.

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Cabinet     Cabinet Office
CSTP     Council for Science and Technology Policy
JETRO     Japan External Trade Organization
JFTC     Japan Fair Trade commission
Kantei     Prime Mnister of Japan and His Cabinet
METI     Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
MEXT     Minstry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Japan
MIC     Ministry of Interntaional Affaiars and Communications
MOE     Ministry of the Environment
MOF     Ministry of Finance Japan

Latest Releases
Feb 10 JETRO JETRO: Subsidy Program for Projects Promoting Asian Site Location in Japan

Dec 28 METI Oriental Republic of Uruguay announces its decision to adopt Japan's digital terrestrial broadcasting format, overturning a prior decision to use a different format
Dec 28 METI Joint Press Release adopted at the 2nd Japan-Indonesia Joint Economic Forum
Dec 28 MIC Quarterly Data on Telecommunications Service Contract Numbers and Market Share Published (FY 2010 Q2 (End of September 2010))
Dec 28 MIC Oriental Republic of Uruguay Decides to Adopt Japanese System for Terrestrial Digital Television Broadcasting
Dec 27 METI METI and MLIT organize "Symposium on EV/PHV-Friendly Communities"
Dec 27 MIC Preliminary Announcement of Public Appeal for "Strategic Information and Communications R&D Promotion Programme (SCOPE)" Research & Development Subjects in FY 2011
Dec 27 MIC Preliminary Announcement of Public Appeal for R&D Subjects in FY 2011 "ICT Green Innovation Promotion Project (PREDICT)"
Dec 24 METI New Logo of the Japan Patent Office-- Commemorating the 125th Anniversary of the Industrial Property Right System
Dec 24 MIC Announcement regarding Status of Cable Television Support for Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting
Dec 24 MIC Announcement regarding Timetable for Implementation of "Path of Light" Concept
Dec 24 MIC State of Incidents Occurring in Telecommunications Services (during First Half of FY 2010)
Dec 24 MOF Highlights of the Budget for FY2011
Dec 24 MOF Japan's Fiscal Condition
Dec 22 MIC Second Update on Decision regarding Cable Television Businesses Selected to Conduct "Digital Analog Conversions"
Dec 22 MIC Announcement concerning Written Report from "Forum Considering State of Protection for Citizens' Rights, etc. in Future ICT Field"
Dec 21 MIC Aiming for Increased Speed of Broadband Mobile Wireless Access Systems (Excluding FWA System)
Dec 21 MOE Sea surrounding Kabashima Island, Nagasaki selected as candidate area for the floating offshore wind turbine demonstration project
Dec 20 METI Summary of the First Meeting of the Japan-U.S. "Global Nuclear Energy Cooperation Working Group"
Dec 16 Kantei Basic Strategy for Global Communication of the Government for FY 2010 [PDF]
Dec 13 METI "Hydrogen Highway Project" to be launched under the "Hydrogen Energy Social Infrastructure Development Demonstration Project"
Dec 10 METI Information Collection in Relation to Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Negotiations
Dec 08 Cabinet Orders Received for Machinery in October, 2010
Dec 08 METI The Fourth Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award
Dec 08 MIC Approval of Work Providing International Television Broadcast Programs Aimed at Foreigners to Cable Television Broadcasting Businesses for Simultaneous Broadcasting
Dec 08 MIC Results from Appeal for Opinions, Details of Inquiry sent to Radio Regulatory Council and Subsequent Reply from Council concerning Bulletin Plan for Partial Reform of Broadcast-use Frequency Utilization Plan
Dec 07 METI Release of the "Guidebook for Installing Charging Facilities for Electric Vehicles and Plug-In Hybrids"
Dec 07 MIC Approval of Succession of Authorized Establishment Status involving Wireless City Planning, Inc.
Dec 06 MIC Results from Appeal for Opinions on Japan's Views on Each Agenda of the 2012 World Radiocommunications Conference
Dec 03 Kantei Climate Change: Japan's Basic Position at COP16 as well as on the Kyoto Protocol
Dec 03 METI Further cooperation between Patent Offices in Asia
Dec 03 METI The Third Joint Study for an FTA among China, Japan, and Korea
Dec 02 JFTC Yahoo Japan's Use of Technological Service Such As Search Engine Provided by Google(Tentative translation)
Dec 02 METI Strengthening the Cooperative Relationship in the IP field among Japan, Korea and China

Nov 30 MIC Status of Basic Telecommunications Service (Universal Service) System in Transitional Period Until Broadband Services Reach All Parts of Japan
Nov 29 METI Overview of the "Inward Investment Promotion Program"
Nov 26 MIC Results from Appeal for Opinions on Directive Plan for Partial Reform of Radio Law-related Inspection Standards
Nov 26 MIC Results of Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting Penetrance Survey
Nov 25 METI Announcement of The 4th Robot Award
Nov 25 MIC Appeal for R&D Information on Technologies Relating to Access Control Functions
Nov 25 MOE Workshop on Transition towards Low Carbon Societies in Thailand and Asia - Dialogue between policy makers and researcher and cross-sectoral approach
Nov 24 METI The Third Joint Study for an FTA among China, Japan, and Korea
Nov 24 MIC Announcement of Roadmap (Third Edition) for Shared Facilities as Countermeasures Against Obstacles to Reception and Shared Facilities for Apartment Buildings in Municipal Districts, Towns and Villages
Nov 18 METI Joint Statement on Technological Cooperation on Clean Energy by Mr. Ohata, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry and Dr. Chu, the United States Secretary of Energy
Nov 16 MIC State of Numbers of Contracted Telecommunications Service Subscribers, etc.
Nov 15 MOE Announcement on the launching of the "Asian Co-benefits Partnership"
Nov 14 METI Conclusion of Japan-Peru Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) negotiations
Nov 13 METI Japan and the United States launched new initiatives.
Nov 11 Cabinet Orders Received for Machinery in September, 2010 - Forecast for Oct.-Dec. 2010
Nov 10 METI Good Design Grand Award 2010 Goes to the Dyson Air Multiplier
Nov 10 MIC Amendment Approved for NHK Broadcasting Reception Protocol
Nov 09 JETRO JETRO: ONE-on-ONE Meeting with Leading-Edge Tech Ventures in Tokyo on Nov. 25
Nov 09 METI FY 2009 Energy Supply and Demand Report (preliminary report)
Nov 09 METI Announcement of the Asian Symposium on IP Protection and Cooperation in Nara
Nov 08 METI Announcement of FY 2010 METI Minister Awards for Best Contributors to Product Safety
Nov 05 METI APEC Japan 2010 Concluding Senior Officials' Meeting (CSOM) to Be Held
Nov 02 METI Opening Ceremony to Be Held for APEC JAPAN EXHIBITION "JAPAN EXPERIENCE ~ Ideas into Realty ~"
Nov 02 METI "Japan's Strengths" to Be Exhibited to Visiting APEC Leaders
Nov 02 MIC Proof-of-Concept to be Conducted Using Latest Ubiquitous Computing Technology
Nov 01 METI Establishment of the United States-Japan "Global Nuclear Energy Cooperation Working Group"
Nov 01 MIC Update on Decision regarding Cable Television Businesses Selected to Conduct "Digital Analog Conversions"
Nov 01 MIC Outcome of First Director General Level Meeting concerning Japan-U.S. Policy Cooperation on the Internet Economy
Nov 01 MIC Results from Appeal for Proposals concerning "Special White Space Areas"

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