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Announcements concerning the electronics industry by governmental organizations. Some announcements by incorporated administrative agencies are included.
(Availability of English versions of the original Japanese announcements may be delayed in some cases.)

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Governmental organizations (link to press release page)

Cabinet     Council for Science and Technology Policy (CSTP)
JETRO     Japan External Trade Organization
JFTC     Japan Fair Trade Commision
Kantei     Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
METI     Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
MEXT     Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology Japan
MIC     Ministry of Inernal Affairs and Coomunications-Policies
MLIT     Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
MOE     Minnistry of the Environment
MOF     Ministry of Finance Japan

Latest Releases
Aug 26 METI Results of the E-Commerce Market Survey Compiled
Aug 25 MLIT 40th APEC Transportation Working Group (TPTWG)
Aug 22 MOE Results of the 8th Survey of Decontamination Progress in Intensive Contamination Survey Area
Aug 22 MIC Report on Administrative Guidance against KDDI Corporation
Aug 22 METI Designation of Important Transmission Facilities as a Measure for Enhancing Nationwide System Operation Based on the Policy on Electricity System Reform
Aug 22 JETRO JETRO Survey: Analysis of Japan-China Trade in the first half of 2014 (based on imports of both countries)
Aug 21 METI R&D and Evaluation Subcommittee Compiled a Report
Aug 19 MIC Announcement of Guidelines for the Use of Mobile Phones in Medical Institutions by the Electromagnetic Compatibility Conference Japan
Aug 19 Cabinet Indexes of Business Conditions June 2014 Revised Release
Aug 14 MIC Results of Public Appeal for Proposals on FY2014 R&D for Expansion of Radio Wave Resources
Aug 14 Cabinet Orders Received for Machinery in June, 2014 and Forecast for Jul.-Sep. 2014
Aug 13 JFTC The JFTC Holds the 20th Training Course for Developing Countries on Competition Law and Policy
Aug 08 MOE Brief Report of the 12th Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Inventories in Asia (WGIA12)
Aug 08 MIC Summary of import/export of wastes under the Waste Management Law in 2013
Aug 07 JETRO 2014 JETRO Global Trade and Investment Report - On making Japan a base for international business circulation -
Aug 06 MIC Public Appeal for Business Plans on Model Project to Strengthen and Promote Overseas Expansion of Broadcasting Content
Aug 06 METI METI to Hold a Symposium on Global Warming Countermeasures
Aug 06 METI Asia Green IT Forum Issued a Joint Statement at the Sixth Forum
Aug 05 METI The JPO and the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce of the Republic of Colombia (SIC) Strengthen Cooperation in Intellectual Property

Jul 31 MIC State of Telecommunications Number Usage
Jul 30 MIC Results of Appeal for Opinions on Draft Ministerial Ordinance for Partial Revision of the Rules Concerning Technical Conditions Compliance Approval for Terminal Equipment
Jul 30 METI METI to Start the First Cross-Industry Anti-Piracy Measures for Manga and Anime
Jul 29 MIC Survey on Differences of Charges for Telecommunications Services between Domestic and Overseas Markets
Jul 28 MIC Public Announcement of Participating Organizations in Initial Screening of Proposals on I-Challenge! (ICT Innovation Creation Challenge Program)
Jul 25 METI Enactment of an Act for Repealing the Discriminatory Treatment for Import Products concerning Renewable Energy Came into Force in the Province of Ontario
Jul 25 JFTC The Japan Fair Trade Commission Concluded Memorandum on Cooperation with the Korea Fair Trade Commission of Republic of Korea
Jul 24 METI Your Cooperation Needed in the Summer Energy Conservation Campaign 2014
Jul 24 METI Guidelines for Developing Health Software Formulated
Jul 22 METI Results of the Amount of Destroyed Fluorocarbons Pursuant to the Law for Ensuring the Implementation, Recovery and Destruction of Fluorocarbons Concerning Specified Products of FY2013
Jul 18 MOE An Aggregate of Fluorocarbons Destroyed in FY 2013
Jul 18 MIC Results of Public Appeal for FY2014 R&D Themes under Strategic Information and Communications R&D Promotion Programme (SCOPE)
Jul 17 MIC Announcement of Report of the Study Group on Handling of Location Information in Emergencies and Similar Acute Situations Titled "Location Information Privacy Report: Balanced Realization of Appropriate Protection of Privacy and Social Use of Location Information"
Jul 16 MIC Announcement of Guidelines for Introduction of Disaster-resilient Telecommunications Networks
Jul 14 MIC Interim Report from the Round-table Conference on Radio Policy Vision and Announcement of Results of Appeal for Opinions
Jul 08 MIC Announcement of Notification Content Concerning Utilization Business of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation
Jul 07 METI METI and the Ministry of Economy of the State of Israel Signed an MOC concerning the field of Industrial R&D
Jul 03 MIC Institutional Improvements for Ensuring Wide Communication Areas of Coast Stations for Coastal Fishing
Jul 03 MIC Completion of Satellite Broadcasting against Bad Reception of Terrestrial Digital Television Broadcasting
Jul 03 MIC Announcement of Report of the "Investigative Commission for Subtitles in the Age of Smart TV
Jul 02 METI JPO will Strengthen Cooperative Relationship with ASEAN in the Field of IP
Jul 01 MIC Results of Appeal for Opinions on Draft Partial Revision to Notices, etc. Related to Test Method for Technical Conditions Compliance Approval, etc. of Terminal Equipment
Jul 01 METI ANRE to Start the Second Year of the Green Power Project
Jul 01 METI METI Compiled a Report concerning the Results of Efforts for Increasing the Reserve Margin of Electricity based on the Electricity Supply-demand Measures in the Summer of FY2014

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