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Government - May 2014

May 30 METI New Measure for Promoting Dissemination of Fuel Cell Vehicles
May 28 JFTC Enforcement of the Antimonopoly Act in FY2013
May 28 METI Announcement of Successful Applicants for the Project to Promote the Development and Introduction of Robotic Devices for Nursing Care
May 28 METI Recall of Laser Printers Manufactured by Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. (Parts Replacement)
May 28 METI Recall of Laptop Computer Battery Packs Manufactured by Panasonic Corporation (Replacement of the Products)
May 28 METI Results of the 2013 Survey on IT Use
May 28 MIC Approval for Change of Interconnection Tariffs related to Category I Designated Telecommunications Facilities of NTT East and NTT West
May 27 MIC Implementation of Joint Training for Utilizing Public Information Commons
May 27 MOF International Investment Position of Japan (End of 2013)
May 23 METI Announcement of Calculated Results of FY2011 Greenhouse Gas Emissions According to the GHG Emissions Accounting, Reporting, and Disclosure System
May 23 METI Call for applications for the 6th Robot Award
May 23 METI Authorization of a Plan for New Business Activities under the Industrial Competitiveness Enhancement Act
May 23 METI A Report was Compiled on a Survey of Enterprises' CSR Challenges and Management
May 23 MIC Results of FY2013 Survey on Radio frequency Impact on Medical Devices and Revision of the Guidelines for Prevention of Radio frequency Impact of Various Radio Devices on Implanted Medical Devices Based on the FY2013 Survey Results
May 23 MIC A New Cooperative Framework in the Field of ICT
May 20 MIC Comment of the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications on Adoption of Japanese Terrestrial Digital TV Broadcasting System (ISDB-T) in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
May 19 METI METI Formulated a List of Requirements for Ensuring Security in Procurement of IT Products
May 19 METI Recall of Electric Clothes Dryers Manufactured by Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. (Free Inspection and Repair)
May 16 JFTC The JFTC holds Training Course for the Vietnam Competition Authority on the Antimonopoly Act and Competition Policy
May 16 METI Summer Energy Conservation Measures
May 16 METI Announcement Regarding the Present Status of Introduction of Facilities Generating Renewable Energy as of February 28, 2014
May 15 METI Recall of Coffee Machines Imported by Kalita Co., Ltd. (Refund or Replacement of the Products)
May 15 MOE Results of the 7th Survey of Decontamination Progress in Intensive Contamination Survey Area
May 14 METI JPO Compiled the Japan Patent Office Annual Report 2014
May 14 METI Public Release of the "2014 Report on Compliance by Major Trading Partners with Trade Agreements - WTO, FTA/EPA, and IIA" and "METI Priorities Based on the Report"
May 13 MIC Announcement of Interim Report on "Initiatives for ICT International Competitiveness Enhancement and International Expansion" (Report of the Round-table Conference on ICT International Competitiveness Enhancement and International Expansion)
May 13 MIC Announcement of Framework of Smart Japan ICT Strategy
May 12 METI GECF and METI issued a joint statement
May 12 METI JPO and ISO Agreed to Cooperate in the Fields of Patents and Standardization
May 09 METI Announcement of the Results of a Survey for Case Examples of Good Practices Concerning Shareholder Meeting Notices
May 07 MIC Results of Appeal for Opinions on Draft Official Directive for Partial Revision of Examination Standards related to the Radio Act

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