Symposium Schedule

(The program is subject to change)

- AEC/APC Symposium Asia 2017 Poster Session

Schedule of Presentations and Speakers

9:15 Registration Starts / Door Open
9:30 Opening Remarks from AEC/APC Asia
Hidetaka Nishimura
Renesas Electronics
9:35 Program Outline
Hidenori Kakinuma
Toshiba Memory
Session Chair: Takahiro Tsuchiya, MIE Fujitsu Semiconductor
Data driven approach for Prognostics and Health Management
Prof. Makoto Imamura
Tokai University
Session Co-chairs: Toshiya Hirai, Murata Manufacturing / Takashi Kurosawa, Azbil
10:25 [DA-22] Sparse Modeling for Automatic Extraction of Variables to build accurate Virtual Metrology Models
University of Tsukuba
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10:45 [DA-18] Intelligent Causal Analysis System for Wafer Quality Control using Sparse Modeling
Masaaki Takada
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11:05 [MT-10] Robust FDC based on gray box model
Yuko Jisaki
Panasonic Industrial Devices Engineering
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11:25 [MT-23] Deep learning to achieve a new anomaly detection method
Takayoshi Konatsu
Sony Semiconductor
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11:45 Lunch Break & Supplier Exhibition
Short Presentation for interactive poster seesion(12:40~12:55)
Session Chair: Shunichi Shibuki, Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing
12:40 Introduction for Posters ( 3mins Summary Presentation )
[BE-21] Study on manufacturing of patterned graphene by electron beam irradiation method
Shotaro Kuzukawa / Koki Matsumasa
Kumamoto University
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[PO-20] Non-Destructive Surface States Density Measurement by Pulse Photoconductivity Method
Shotaro Kuzukawa / Takahiro Ono
Graduate School of Science and Technology Kumamoto University
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[DA-24] Study on wind direction and wind velocity measurement method
Shotaro Kuzukawa / Ryoma Katayama
Kumamoto University
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[MT-12] Practical Approach to Further Reducing False Alarms in Dynamic Fault Detection
Tom Ho
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Session Chair: Hidenori Kakinuma, Toshiba Memory
Advanced equipment and process control technology enabling sustainable scaling of semiconductor devices
Toshihiko Nishigaki
Tokyo Electron
Session Co-chairs: Tomoya Tanaka, TowerJazz Panasonic Semiconductor / Hisato Tanaka, Tokyo Electron
13:40 [MT-15] Per shot Focus & Tilt-XY correction technology for improving focus performance of lithography
Shinji Eto
Toshiba Memory
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14:00 [MT-11] Effective Normalized Response Function in controlled systems
Naotoshi Taniguchi
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14:20 [BA-13] Real-time Wafer Inventory Quality Assessment Using FDC Data
Tom Ho
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14:40 [MT-16] E-Diagnostics and FDC Implementation on Process Equipment
Eric Dunton, Keishi Sonoda
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15:00 Supplier Exhibition / Coffee Break
Session Chair: Hidetaka Nishimura, Renesas Electronics
Active monitoring in SPC of Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes
Prof.Ken Nishina
Nagoya Institute of Technology
Session Co-chairs: Koichi Sakamoto, Tokyo Electron / Hirofumi Tsuchiyama, Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing
16:25 [IN-28] Process Flow Artificial Intelligent for Highly Diversified Products in Pure Foundry Wafer Fab
Kimmy Ang
Global Foundries
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16:45 [MT-14] The Advanced Monitoring Method for the Residual Charge in Wafer
Tsuyoshi Yokogaki
Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing
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17:05 [PO-19] Evaluation of trace of metal contamination in silicon dioxide film by Pulse Photoconductivity Method
Shotaro Kuzukawa
Graduate School of Science and Technology Kumamoto University
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17:25 [TD-17] Highly durable smart capacitance manometer with fault detection functions
Masaru Soeda
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18:00 Reception (Poster Session / Author's Interview/ Supplier Exhibition)
Koichi Sakamoto, Tokyo Electron
18:30 Closing Remarks & Best Poster Award & Best Paper Award and Student Award
Hidenori Kakinuma, Toshiba Memory
19:30 Closing