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This symposium provides an interactive venue for the AEC/APC community to share experiences, exchange ideas, and discuss the latest technology requirements in the ever-expanding area of advanced equipment and process control.

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Exhibitors List
Exhibit's Description
Azbil Corporation We will present the way to utilize the data from sensors and controllers in the age of IoT from the view point of the expert in sensing and control.
We will propose the data processing, sensor data utilization taking the advantage of the edge computing and creation of the useful parameters by control theory to get higher reliability of sensing and control.
We will also provide the new unique features of our new controllers.
BISTel Analytic Solutions
EES Solutions
INFICON Co.,Ltd APC increases yields, reduces costs and enhances manufacturing by providing optimal process set points to compensate for equipment and environmental variations.
We present how APC works with other applications and application synergy provide improved benefit in resolving the problem.
PDF Solutions, Inc Exensio based FDC, analysis and operational control solutions applied across the entire manufacturing process from Wafer to tested/finished product - with complete unit traceability.
Springer Nature At our booth we will introduce Springer Nature publications that are highly used in the semiconductor industry in addition to a new Nature Research journal launching in January 2018, Nature Electronics.
The journal is an online-only journal that will cover all areas of electronics from the study of novel phenomena and devices, to the design, construction and wider application of electronic circuits. It will also cover commercial and industrial aspects of electronics research.
YDC Corporation IoT (the internet of a thing) analyzes and analyzes big data and the data IT technical innovation of AI gave from the real world.
There is mechanism of Cyber Physical System (the CPS) to feed the result back to the real world again at important placing.
YDC SONARR Version7.0 has achieved substantial evolution as the platform to achieve this CPS.