Keynote Speakers

"Achievement Strategy of High Quality and Productivity with Lowest Input in High Volume Manufacturing"


Research Fellow, Manufacturing Division,
SK Hynix (Korea)


Semiconductor business has been successfully maintained Golden Performance with endless shrinking devices even though there were repeated-issues such as mal-patterning and defect issues. However, it become tougher for manufacturer to overcome the target with 1x nm high-end devices on planned time. While development site is struggling with scaling, new materials and structures, manufacturing area are now confronting flow complexities and process interdependencies from wafer starting to fab-out. Especially extended production cycle gave more dynamics and ambiguities to control device performance. It's a fact that traditional problem-solving methods are no more effective in current situations. In this presentation, enablement strategy will be discussed to minimize inputs in manufacturing sites with respect to advanced diagnostics, manufacturing-friendly equipment design, and defect preventive process design. ML(Machine Learning), FDC(Fault Detection and Classification), TTTM(Tool-to-Tool Matching) Sensor will be covered in this talk.


Dr. Ji Chul Yang is Research Fellow at SKhynix Semiconductor in South Korea. Since he joined SKhynix in 2017, he is now responsible for Creative Cleaning & CMP team and is the committee member of innovative executive team in Manufacturing Division. Prior to SKhynix, he was CMP team leader and CMP Representative of Future Technology Roadmap Team at GLOBALFOUNDRIES U.S. He was also engaged in developing 14nm & 7 nm logic process as technical leader. Prior to his time with Globalfoundries, Dr. Yang was CMP Project Leader in Line 16, SAMSUNG Memory Division in South Korea. He has experiences throughout Memory (NAND and DRAM) and Logic Foundries Device. He was invited talker for ICPT2010, ICPT2014, 60th KCMPUGM, ECS2016, 20th CAMP, SEMICONWEST-CMP2016, STS2017 and CMPUGM2018. Dr. Yang has a Ph.D degree in Electronics Engineering from SUNGKYUNKWAN University, South Korea, Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from YONSEI University, South Korea. He has authored more than 40 technical publications and conference presentations with semiconductor items.

"Yet Another Leap Forward with Intelligent Semiconductor Manufacturing"
Atsuyoshi Koike, Ph.D.

Atsuyoshi Koike, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Technology and Fab Operations, Western Digital Corporation
President, Western Digital Japan (Japan)


In hindsight, the semiconductor industry has overcome various challenges to its evolution by introducing innovative ideas, concepts, methods, tools etc. for many years, making leaps for the next generations, and in turn, such leaps have contributed to acceleration toward next generation of semiconductor technology. This positive loop will never cease until we concede to really unavoidable limitations. In recent flash memory technologies, we have been actually seeing the 3D structures breaking through serious restrictions stemming from the conventional 2D memory arrays to meet accelerated demands for memory storage. In this talk, we will explore the future of semiconductor manufacturing, where innovative and AI-based tools revolutionize semiconductor design and manufacturing. Engineers in this new era will be expected to fully utilize advanced tools, orchestrate smart fab systems, and partner harmoniously with intelligent equipment.


ATSUYOSHI KOIKE has served as senior vice president covering technology and fab operations since 2006. He leads Western Digital Japan operations, including overseeing the company's leading-edge 2D NAND and 3D NAND R&D and manufacturing operations in Japan. In this role, he also oversees Western Digital's joint ventures with Toshiba Memory Corporation.
Koike has over 30 years of experience driving innovations in the semiconductor industry. Prior to joining SanDisk (now Western Digital), he served as corporate chief engineer for Renesas Technology Corporation. Previously, he held the position of president and chief executive officer, as well as other senior leadership positions at Trecenti Technologies, Inc., where he successfully established the world's first 300mm wafer fab featuring all single wafer processing. Prior to that, he held senior manufacturing management and executive leadership positions at Hitachi, Ltd., where he focused on technological development in the semiconductor division, contributing to pivotal technological innovations for its mainstream semiconductor products for about two decades.
Koike received the B.S. and M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Waseda University and Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering from Tohoku University. He is a frequent public speaker and has given lectures at the University of Tokyo and Hitotsubashi University.

"A new manufacturing model in China's IC industry"
Dr. Richard Chang

Chairman, SiEn (QingDao) Integrated Circuits Ltd. (China)

Dr. Simon Yang

CEO, Yangtze Memory Technologies Co., Ltd. (YMTC) (China)

Yoshihiro Hayashi

Chairperson, SDRJ (The System Device Roadmap Committee of Japan)
Senior Specialist, Home & MCU Business Division 2nd Solution Business Unit
Renesas Electronics Corporation (Japan)