The First ISSM AI Solution Contests To Revolutionalize Semiconductor Manufacturing


ISSM is an annual conference of semiconductor manufacturing professionals dedicated to sharing technical solutions and opinions on the advancement of manufacturing science, technologies, and management disciplines. ISSM aims to establish new concepts for semiconductor manufacturing technologies and to promote them as systemized and universalized technologies. ISSM's role has been to challenge the concept of shifting from "know-how" to "science" in semiconductor manufacturing technologies. The past twelve annual symposia have helped to shape the course of development of "manufacturing science," as well as to create new manufacturing technologies.
ISSM 2020 will hold its first "ISSM AI Solution Contests to Revolutionalize Semiconductor Manufacturing" aiming to accelerate to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in the field of semiconductor manufacturing.
At semiconductor manufacturing fabs, ahead of other industries, enormous amounts of data such as process, equipment, and productivity have been collected, visualized, analyzed, and utilized. On the other hand, there has been a remarkable technological innovation, especially the innovation of AI technologies. ISSM committee hope to discover human resources for artificial intelligence and improve motivation for learning and research that spreads from the excellent technologies and ideas among participants at the contests.
This is an excellent opportunity for students who want to play an active role by applying the latest information technologies to solve various challenges at semiconductor manufacturing fabs. We hope that the students majored in information engineering and management engineering as well as in semiconductor-related fields will participate the contests.
This contest has the following two divisions. It is possible to enter either or both.

Along with the shift of ISSM to virtual conference, the final selection and award ceremony will be held online during ISSM 2020.
Share your excellent ideas and methods in our contests for the fusion of semiconductor manufacturing fabs that handle huge amounts of data and AI. We look forward to your application.

Qualification of applicants

Both contests can be applied by those who are enrolled in the school (high school, college, university) for the period from the time of entry to the contest (August 31, 2020) through the date of the final selection (December 15th to 16th, 2020). Both individuals and teams can apply.

Entry (The deadline has been extended)

Entry period is from August 31, 2020 through November 13, 2020.
There is no maximum number of team members. The number of members may be one.
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Copyright Issues

Chairman/Vice chairman of ISSM Committees

ISSM Organizing Committee
Shozo Saito, Device & System Platform Development Center Co., Ltd.
Vice Chairman:
Shuichi Inoue, ATONARP INC.
ISSM Executive Committee:
ISSM Program Committee:
Chairman: Shin-ichi Imai, Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation
Task Force Members of ISSM AI Solution Contests
Tsuyoshi Moriya, Tokyo Electron, Ltd.
Shin-ichi Imai, Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation
Takahito Matsuzawa, Tokyo Electron, Ltd.
Katsutoshi Ozawa, OMRON Corporation
Sumika Arima, University of Tsukuba