Invited Speakers

December 13th
"Evolution and revitalization of legacy Fabs" Sesssion Keynote

"An overview of optimized automation of 8-inch fab manufacturing lines"
Heinz Martin Esser

Mr. Heinz Martin Esser

Fabmatics GmbH
Board Member of Silicon Saxony e.V


"Mature 200 mm fabs cannot be automated? For sure they can!"
After a brief introduction of some basic definitions, technical challenges and principal targets of a supplementary automation of mature 200MM SEMICONDUCTOR fabs, Heinz Martin Esser will demonstrate a real case of such a modified fab processing open cassettes with a stepwise approach. He will first describe a specific solution to automate a critical bottleneck cluster including stationary robot cells, In/Out Interfaces to the manual transport world, automated notching, RF-and BarCode Identification of cassettes and wafers to improve efficiency and tool uptime. With this first nucleus of an automated tool it was possible to proceed the stepwise approach to connect other tool areas with automation components and systems i.e. conveyor transport systems, stationary robots, rail guided robots, flat-stockers and finally also self-navigating robots in a man/machine environment. Heinz Martin Esser will highlight the challenges of large system installations in a running fab including the control systems and software architecture connected to the fab MES of the customer.


Dipl. Wirtsch. Ing. (FH) (Graduate Industrial Engineer, UAS)
Engineering and economic studies at the University of Cologne, Germany
1981-1996  Employment at a renowned company active in the area of building technology with a focus on: special technical ventilation equipment in nuclear power plants & complex medium supply systems for the beverage industry
1996-1999  Branch Manager of Cleanroom Technology at Krantz-TKT Cleanroom Technology GmbH, Bergisch-Gladbach
since 04/1999  CEO of Roth & Rau - Ortner GmbH (formerly Ortner c.l.s. GmbH), Dresden
since 12/2002  Board Member of Silicon Saxony e.V. and its Spokesman since 2009

"Challenges and Innovations in a 200mm Wafer Fab"
Peter Kailbauer

Mr. Peter Kailbauer

Senior Manager Fab support and strategy, Fab B
ams AG


The high demand of sensor semiconductor devices led to a revival of 200mm wafer manufacturing facilities. The talk shows how ams' Fab B copes with the challenging demands in terms of highly changing product mix, quality, cost and operational performance.
The key to reliable and cost effective products is a stable production and the early detection of potential deviations. To stay competitive it is crucial also for 200mm Fabs to introduce state of the art control systems while maintaining the older generation toolset without a cost runaway.
"Which systems drive the highest innovation in manufacturing?", "How are legacy tools and systems addressed?", "Which are the main cost down drivers?" will be some of the question answered in this talk.


After his master degree in Physics on the technical University of Graz Mr. Peter Kailbauer started his career at EPCOS in the product development of piezo ceramic actors. Since 10 years he is part of ams where he started in the process integration group and held management positions in the areas of diffusion, implant, wet and plasma etch. For two years he was responsible for all FAB maintenance and process engineering activities including FDC (fault detection and classification) and SPC (statistical process control). Mr. Kailbauer recently took over the department for Fab support and strategy being responsible for all systems necessary to operate wafer manufacturing (including fault detection and classification and real time dispatching), for industrial engineering and for strategic Fab projects.