Keynote Speaker

Mr. Akio Oka

Mr. Akio Oka Chief Information Officer,
Semiconductor & Storage Products Company
Toshiba Corporation


Akio Oka is Chief Information Officer of Semiconductor & Storage Products Company, Toshiba Corporation. He joined Toshiba Corporation in 1984. He worked in IT section over 25 years or more. In that time, he was engaged in the IT systematization of structural analysis, 3D-CAD/CAM, and PLM construction. The engaged BU objects are nuclear power generation, a dynamo machine, medical apparatus, PC, a mobile phone, a household appliance, etc. He became CIO and General Manager of the Information Systems Division in Toshiba Carrier Company in 2006. He became CIO of the Toshiba Semiconductor Company in 2009 and was engaged in the present post in 2011. He contributes to the management of Semiconductor & Storage Products Company as a leader of data analysis environmental construction taking advantage of experience of IT related business performed by many BUs in the Toshiba group. And he is engaged in the advancement of business systems, such as mono-zukuri, SCM, and CRM also.

Presentation Title

Engineering Innovation by CIM technology