IRDS Spring Conference & INC, 2020

International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS)
Workshop and Spring Conference 2020
jointly held with
International Nanodevices and Computing Conference (INC) 2020

IEEE are looking into holding a IRDS Spring Webinar on April 21, 2020.
For details, Please check the SDRJ Website.

Due to the uncertain situation with COVID-19, the organizing committee has decided to give up to hold the IRDS Spring Conference & INC, 2020 in April at the original venue.

Future Plans will be presented on this symposium Webpage as soon as possible: such as postponement of the meetings to be in the 2020 autumn season in Japan, having the webinars instead, or the other options.

The organizing committee notifies the refund policy individually to those who have paid the registration fee.

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April 20, IRDS Workshop 2020 (closed event only for roadmap members)
April 21, IRDS Spring Conference 2020 (public symposium)
April 22, INC 2020 (public symposium)
Hitachi Baba Memorial Hall, Tokyo, Japan

In IRDS Spring Conference, the latest roadmap to be released in 2020 will be presented. In addition, state-of the-art experimental results on these topics will be presented by an international group of invited experts, covering Computer Architecture and Communication Systems, Nanodevices and Materials in the fields of More Moore, More than Moore and Beyond CMOS.

The IEEE International Nanodevices and Computing (INC) conference covers the continuously evolving technology ecosystem based on nanotechnology, nanodevices and computing, supporting the global information technologies infrastructure. The INC conference includes predictions on devices for computing and communications, computer architecture, and applications. The latest results in the field of Neuromorphic Computing, Quantum Computing, Quantum Sensing and Probabilistic Computing will be highlighted. A unique summary from the reports of the upcoming More-than-Moore and Emerging Materials Integration roadmaps will be presented, as well as Brain-inspired Computation and Event-Driven Technology.
Related subjects and requirements from Europe, United States, Japan and all over the world will be presented and discussed.

Hitachi Baba Memorial Hall Hitachi Baba Memorial Hall

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