Supplier Exhibition

This symposium provides an interactive venue for the AEC/APC community to share experiences, exchange ideas, and discuss the latest technology requirements in the ever-expanding area of advanced equipment and process control.

Exhibitors List
Exhibit's Description
Azbil Corporation Component products to support customers to realize digital twin will be presented. Please come and see us to discuss what we should do with IoT technologies.
BISTel, Inc. Demostration of our suite of advance analytic products
Exhibit includes;
1) Collateral with product information
2) Live demonstration of BISTel's advanced analytic product suite
3) Domain expert to answer questions
GDEP ADVANCE,Inc. We are introducing case studies of Materials informatics (MI) by Elix, Inc.
Their specialty is predictive models and generative models in machine learning.
INFICON Co.,Ltd We present Digital Twin Fab optimization software
FabGuard: Enterprise Fault Detection and Classification, RMS, eOCAP, APC
FPS: Advanced Scheduling, Comprehensive Visualization, Capacity Management
Panasonic Corporation Harmonic sensor and AI will notify you of signs of deterioration in motor-driven equipment. The exhibition shows a comparison with conventional vibration sensors.
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