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Government - August 2010

Aug 31 MIC Results of Appeal for Opinions on Directive Plan for Partial Revision of Radio Law-related Examination Standards
Aug 31 MIC State of Numbers of Contracted Telecommunications Service Subscribers, etc.
Aug 30 MIC Results of Appeal for Opinions on "Basic Policy Plan for Review of Radio Wave Usage Fees in Next Term"
Aug 27 MIC Results of Repeat Appeal for Opinions on Revision Plan for NTT East and NTT West Type I Designated Telecommunications Equipment Connection Agreements
Aug 25 MIC Publication of Interim Report from Panel Discussion concerning the Brain and ICT, and Appeal for Opinions
Aug 17 JETRO Japan-China Trade Continues its Recovery in the First Half of 2010
Aug 17 MIC Results from Initial Appeal for Opinions on "Path of Light" Concept, and Details concerning Repeat Appeal for Opinions
Aug 17 MIC Inquiry Submitted to Radio Regulatory Council concerning Authorization of Plans Establishing Special Base Stations Using Frequencies Between 207.5MHz and 222MHz
Aug 16 METI Report by the Study Group on Cloud Computing and Japan's Competitiveness - METI supports cloud computing!! -
Aug 12 METI A Japan Initiative Mission to Explore Export Markets of Infrastructure and Advanced Systems in the South America"for the First Time" in the Space Industry
Aug 11 METI Announcement of master plans for the Demonstration of Next-Generation Energy and Social Systems
Aug 11 Cabinet Orders Received for Machinery in June, 2010 - Forecast for Jul.-Sep. 2010
Aug 10 MIC Survey of Domestic and Foreign Price Margins for Telecommunications Services
Aug 10 MIC Third Edition of "Plan for Countermeasures in Districts Suffering Poor Reception of Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting" Published
Aug 10 MIC Satellite Broadcasting Target List (White List) for Countermeasures Against Poor Reception of Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting (Third Edition) Published
Aug 10 MIC Results of July 2010 "Survey of Communications and Broadcasting Industry Trends" (Quick Report)
Aug 09 METI Announcement of the APEC IP Symposium - Innovating IP Exploitation
Aug 09 METI Call for applications for The 4th Robot Award - METI to recognize robots with the potential to contribute to the future market -
Aug 09 MIC Results of Public Appeal for "Strategic Information and Communications R&D Promotion Programme (SCOPE)" Research & Development Subjects in FY 2010
Aug 06 MIC Contractors and Trial Schools Selected for Experimental Study in "Future School Promotion Project"
Aug 06 MIC Report from "Investigation Team concerning Ideas for the Use of New Radio Waves" Published, and Priority Model Determined for Establishment of "Special White Space Areas"
Aug 06 MIC Results of Appeal for Opinions concerning Directive Plan for Partial Revision of Radio Law-related Examination Standards
Aug 06 MIC State of Telephone Number Usage (Current as of End of FY 2009)

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