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Government - April 2010

Apr 30 METI APEC Japan 2010 Energy Ministers' Meeting (EMM)
Apr 27 METI 2010 White Paper on Small and Medium Enterprises in Japan
Apr 26 METI Announcement of the "Asia-Pacific Industrial Science & Technology and International Standardization Cooperation Program"
Apr 23 METI Robot market projections announced - Growth to 9.7 trillion yen anticipated by 2035
Apr 21 METI Announcement of Results of "Consumers' Purchase Needs Trend Survey" - Actual situation of Japanese consumers after Lehman Shock
Apr 21 METI Establishment of Basic Issue Subcommittee under the Consumer Policy Committee of the Industrial Structure Council, and Holding of its Meetings
Apr 19 METI Conclusion of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Japan Patent Office and the Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property
Apr 19 METI Third Meeting of the Japan-Brazil Joint Committee on Promoting Trade and Investment
Apr 19 METI Implementation of "Basic Survey on the Information and Communications Industry"
Apr 19 METI Results of the Third Meeting of IP5 Heads of Office
Apr 16JST Promoting Science and Technology Diplomacy, International Joint Research Collaborating with Official Development Assistance (ODA)
Apr 16 METI APEC Extraordinary Senior Officials' Meeting (SOM)
Apr 16 METI Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement Report on the 8th Round of Negotiations Wellington, April 2010
Apr 16 METI Summary of incidents at nuclear facilities in FY 2009 (within the jurisdiction of METI)
Apr 15 METI FY 2008 Energy Supply and Demand Report (final report)
Apr 15 METI Implementation Status of the Program to Promote the Spread of Green Home Appliances by Utilizing Eco-Points (as of the end of March)
Apr 15MOE Japan's National Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Fiscal Year 2008 (The Final Figures)
Apr 12JST International Symposium "International Challenge for Promoting Green Innovation to Realize a Low Carbon Society Worldwide"
Apr 12METI Implementation status of the Program to Promote the Spread of Eco-Friendly Houses by Utilizing Eco-Points (Eco-point system for housing) (as of the end of March 2010)
Apr 12METI Announcement of the Next-Generation Vehicle Strategy 2010
Apr 09METI Commemorating the 125th anniversary of the Japanese patent system: "Messages from Today's Inventors to the Next Generation"
Apr 09MOE Publication of the Environmental Statistics 2010
Apr 08METI Selection of Next-Generation Energy and Social System Demonstration Areas
Apr 01METI Partial METI Reorganization

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